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Welcome to Pillar Homes

Building Homes, Enhancing Lifestyles

Pillar Cumbria Ltd, trading as Pillar Homes, are land and property developers in Cumbria, established in 2015. We pride ourselves on using local materials, contractors and suppliers, as much as possible, to offer a high standard in all our developments.

Quality & Experience
The quality of our builds and the satisfaction of our home buyers are of paramount importance to the business. We use skilled staff and contractors, with the highest standard of workmanship, to provide stunning homes.

Thoughtful Design
Pillar Homes consider everyday home life in all their house designs. From maximising the movement of the sun to providing practical storage spaces, we work hard to create homes that enhance daily living with clever layouts and kerb appeal.

Buyer Satisfaction
Pillar Homes strives to offer beautiful, well-designed homes, built with quality craftmanship to combine the traditional and the contemporary, while keeping our buyers at the heart of everything we do.

Our Developments